Dethroned Of Light

by Evadne

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"Dethroned Of Light" limited to 500 hand numbered copies and with the collaboration special guest like Natalie Koskinen ( Shape of Despair Official ) & J.f. Fiar ( FOSCOR )


2.The Wanderer
3.Awaiting (feat Natalie Koskinen/ Shape Of Despair)
4.Bleack Remembrance (feat J.F.Fiar/ Foscor)


released December 20, 2014




all rights reserved


Evadne Valencia, Spain

EVADNE, a Spanish Melodic Doom/Death Metal band, formed in 2003 and influenced by the usual bands of the 90´s. Evadne´s sound is based in melancholy, a devoted desperate attempt to set a proper soundtrack to the human beings deepest and saddest feelings. ... more

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Track Name: Colossal
Devoid of all hope
Unseen for the rest
So easy is to lose
So easy to fall from grace
At the feet of a world, that tramples you day by day

Lost in endless days
Yearning worn old times
Drained by sorrow
My thoughts feed your madness
And my soul drowns without solace

Fades the sun, and fade the words
Blind and speechless face off this open scar

Slowly and gently, cradle me in your cold arms every night
Oppresses me and whispers...

Holocaust of a dying soul
That clings to a meaningless life
Screaming and bleeding from within
Dismantling your poor existence
Under a mantle of solitude
Your life escapes through your fingers.
Between my arms, once again

Stranded in a strange world
Anchored to past
Drained by sorrow
My acts feed your madness, one by one
And my soul is drowning...

Devoid of all hope
Unseen for the rest
So complicated to find
A dying ember of light
The sorrow embrace me
Track Name: The Wanderer (2014)
Lost in this world of emptiness
The echo of my steps resounds all around

Adrift in this path of uncertainty
My restless soul guides me to the arms of death
Searching the cold blaze in the darkness
Of the barren world, no light shines in this empty sky

My mind surrenders to despair
While the complete darkness hovers around me
Only the time will decide my fate
Only wandering relieves my sorrow

Lost in this world of emptiness
The echo of my steps resound all around
Track Name: Awaiting (2014)
And it is true, now is too late to be alive
Is so cruel the lover wait…
And here I am behind the curtains of solitude
Beyond the veil of my absent gaze
Trying to forget the traces
That you absence leave in me.

Thwart and deceived I am, bitter tears run my checks
I can´t forget you ephemeral words of farewell
Awaiting the beloved who goes in the cold of the night
I don´t have her warm
Every day agonise my love for her
Now no more sadness tears
No more disillusion, she is not going to return.
Constantly in my head resound
Hopeful words that you said,
To made me trust in you, and you lie.

Liar, for you absence I will die
My innards twist inside I´m desperate
Lies,for you lies I want to die
Understand it, without you I´ve lost the sense of life.

Awaiting the beloved who goes
Into my frozen heart no rest place to
All the pain that afflict to my poor heart
Now no more sadness tears no more distress
The desperation comes to take me far away
How can I live without your love?
How t olive without hope? That´s my secret…

Every morning rise the sun
Rise for me perhaps for one last time
And the hope is almost lost
The same last hope deceived for your words
Words that hurt up to die
The death, way to escape and find
Go to sky and find your place to rest alone,

A place to rest where I can remember that I am…
Finally the pain is over my strength and my courage
I want to take my last path
Is better the death is better to die
Forget the ends of my despair
Lighten the penumbra of my heart
But now is too late I’m convinced
That there´s no other way to scape
A place to rest where I can remember that I am
Track Name: Bleak Remembrance
The moon turns off; the sun will never shine
The star are remains and is quiet the land
In the mirror of the time I couldn’t see your reflex
I only see my despair, my own desperate
The end of your life has marked me as a fire
You condemned me to life against my own desire
Wherever you are I always be by your side
Better than this I only know the die

Dreaming in the past time when you're all
I can't believe the end of your life
Since you not are I used to cry
Every night, the end of your life

Only I can know how strong is the pain
Only you from the other side how much I love you

Now see in this endemic fire
How destiny has broken our biblic paradise
Becoming in a bleak desert of silence
With no point of reference for me

Unforgiving remains saying what couldn’t be
Whispers the moon, you are not for me
I can't believe this cruel reality
I can 't believe why you aren’t for me

Believe in my promise, I’ll be on your side
Eternally with you

Feeling the wind I use to cry I can’t believe
That destiny decide to me this bleak remembrance
Each night I cry alone as you
The end of your life

How sad is my existence without you
I forget where’s my path
Your remembrance corrode me
I don't need to be alive
Can you remember all my promise?
Can you remember that
Our souls will be eternal
Our souls will become in one